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This tutorial explains how to configure Tomato to use OpenDNS.


  1. Go to the Tomato Web GUI (Default:
  2. Navigate the menu to Basic -> DDNS
  3. Under the Dynamic DNS 1 heading, select OpenDNS from the Service drop-down menu
  4. Enter your OpenDNS username and password into the correct fields
    1. OPTIONAL: Enter the network name you use for OpenDNS, most users can leave this blank
  5. Select Use as DNS
  6. Select Force next update
  7. Press Save to save your new preferences
  8. Now navigate the menu to Advanced -> DHCP / DNS
  9. Enter strict-order into the Dnsmasq Custom Configuration box
  10. For increased security, on Tomato Shibby, check the dnscrypt-proxy box

To test if your settings have been applied, visit and you should see large text saying Phishing Site Blocked

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