Tomato is a free HyperWRT-based, Linux core firmware distribution for mostly Broadcom chipset based wireless routers. Among it's notable features is a simplified GUI employing heavy usage of AJAX, a SVG-based bandwidth usage monitor, and more advanced QOS

The firmware is developed by Jonathan Zarate and is hosted at PolarCloud.


  • Interactive Ajax based GUI using SVG and CSS-based color schemes (allowing GUI look and feel changes).
  • CLI access (BusyBox) via TELNET or SSH (using Dropbear).
  • DHCP server.
  • DNS forwarder (using Dnsmasq).
  • Netfilter/iptables with customizable settings, IPP2P and l7-filter.
  • Wake-on-LAN.
  • Advanced QoS: 10 unique QoS classes defined, real-time graphs display prioritized traffic with traffic class details.
  • Client Bandwidth Control via QoS classes
  • Bandwidth graphing/statistics.
  • Wireless modes:
    • Access point (AP)
    • Wireless client station (STA)
    • Wireless Ethernet (WET) bridge
    • Wireless distribution system (WDS aka wireless bridging)
    • Simultaneous AP and WDS (aka wireless repeating).
  • Dynamic DNS service with ezUpdate and services extended for more providers.
  • Syslog viewable through the GUI (also downloadable).
  • SES button control.
  • JFFS2.
  • CIFS client.
  • Wireless LAN Radio power of adjustment, antenna selection, and 14 wireless channels.
  • 'Boot wait' protection (increase the time slot for uploading firmware via the boot loader).
  • Advanced Port forwarding, redirection, and triggering with UPnP and NAT-PMP.
  • Advanced User access restrictions.
  • Init, Shutdown, Firewall, and WAN Up scripts.
  • Uptime, load average, and free memory status.
  • Minimal reboots - Very few configuration changes require a reboot.
  • Wireless survey page to view other networks in your neighborhood.


Tomato is based on the GPL source code released by Linksys, but includes proprietary binary modules from the chipset manufacturer Broadcom. Portions of the code are licensed under the GNU General Public License, but the source code for the user interface is under a more restrictive license which forbids use without the author's permission.

Compatible routersEdit

Main article: Supported Devices

Tomato is compatible with many Broadcom-based routers, including Asus routers, Buffalo AirStation, and the Linksys WRT54G series. It should be noted some newer models of Linksys routers are not compatable. Tomato is often recommended for users who desire a faster alternative to other firmwares, at the expense of some advanced features.